All we really need is a good internet connection. We could use the Trango equipment to backhaul some Wi-Fi nodes and we could supply some VoIP phones for people to make calls on. I am thinking we could just have on a truck a backhaul or mesh node, a switch, and some phones and just drive around to problem areas where phones don't work at all.


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Shayne - Contact the owner of <> he has a huge coverage area - The wind was not what did the damage so I am sure most of his infrastructure is in tact. he covers all of the miss. / alabama gulf coast - anyone wanting to coordinate efforts down there should contact him as your point man. He lives there / serves there / and has the resources to help things go smoothly. JohnnyO

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ATTENTION: WISPS and Local Companies in the Hurricane Region
    Trango Broadband Wireless would like to assist in the relief
    efforts to re-establish connectivity in the disaster areas. If
    there are Trango WISPS and local companies engaged in the relief
    efforts to re-establish communication links, and assistance is
    needed in this effort, please contact Trango as soon as possible.
    We are especially interested in assisting companies that are
donating time/resources to help people in the region.
    If you have immediate needs or are willing to help, please contact
    me ASAP.

    Thank you.

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