I am putting together an Asterisk box with four phones and long distance termination for Mac to send to a local shelter. After talking to him yesterday, the need for telecom down there appears to be intense. There are lines of people waiting to use phones and even the normal phone operations at the 911 centers are spotty and intermittent. It's not a lot, but I hope that it will help some folks out.

We are going to send a newsletter out to our customers to let them know that we have a contact in Louisiana who is helping out displaced hurricane victims in his area and to bring donations by our office where we can collect and send them.

Every bit of effort will help.

Matt Larsen

George wrote:

John Scrivner wrote:

Mac is working hard for these people right now. I am going to work with several people and send money when I can. There are evacuees staying in Mac's area right now and he is helping them with phone lines, Internet, food, shelters, etc. with his own money and time. I am not sending this message to brag about helping or to say one effort is any better than another. I do not want any glory. I DO want to challenge other WISPs here to help with donations of time, money, food, equipment, etc. to Mac or any other effort you feel is worthy (Joe Laura needs our help for sure also). As you can see below I sent Mac $250. If you have money to spare and want to see it go straight to people in need right away (tomorrow) you might want to help Mac by sending cash through Paypal to his email address below. Thanks for being there for these folks Mac.
Your payment for $250.00 USD to [EMAIL PROTECTED] has been sent.

Ok John
I'm taking your challenge for 250.00 and raising you 50.00 :)
Mac will see 300.00 tomorrow when the wife gets to work.

Lets see if we can get the bidding higher.

Like you I don't want any glory, but would like to help.
As I sit here in my comfortable living room watching the people in Louisiana and Mississippi suffering, I have to say it makes me want to do something.
I can see that many of these peoples lives are completely ruined.
It would be nice if I could drive on down there and get people internet access, but I think at this point what most of these folks are needing is money to survive and help put their lives back together.
It is a very sad situation and one that nobody can really ignore.


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