As you can see below, WISPA and many others are busy trying to get efforts organized. Nobody is trying to upstage anyone or step on anyone's toes. We are all WISPs trying to help.

On the legal front, our attorney has given the approval for WISPA to work as an organization on relief efforts. There are some stipulations. Donations to this effort, if done through WISPA, are NOT tax deductible. If Part-15 or any other affiliated WISP industry group has a 501c3 "non-profit" status with the IRS then donations would be a tax deduction. I do not know if Part-15 has this classification. If anyone else knows this then please feel free to share this with us. Michael Anderson does not return my attempts at contacting him so me trying to find this information would not help the effort.

Whether it is a tax deduction or not to donate I am still sending money and helping and I hope the rest will as well. It will take some time before Internet or other communications will be setup in the most devastated parts of the hurricane damaged areas. In the surrounding areas many people already there are helping including Mac Dearman. He is not the only guy needing help but right now he has about 1100 evacuees being served by his church and others in his community. This is nothing to sneeze at and is a good effort for us to all help support for now. This is not a plan to help it is actual real help happening today. I take offense to anyone who claims that Mac's efforts are not worthy of our support as a group and would appreciate it if the negative comments would end right now.

Right now Rick Harnish and Steve Stroh are working to try to make some in-roads toward Part-15 and WISPA working together on this effort. I applaud the attempts to bring some unity to this industry. Please refrain from the rhetoric about past issues between Part-15 and WISPA. It is not anything that any board member has perpetuated and quite frankly it really pisses me off to see people on here talking trash about WISPA and Part-15. I plan to see all WISPs working together toward an effort that we can be proud of and help those who need our help.

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Subject:        [Board] Katrina Disaster Relief efforts by Wireless Industry
Date:   Fri, 2 Sep 2005 13:20:34 -0400
From:   Jim Sutton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

Rick Harnish


I apologize for my tardiness in sending this email to follow-up our
telephone discussion as you requested.
Trango is interested in working with WISPA to develop plans, strategies,
resource coordination, etc. in responding to the immense disaster relief
needs of the gulf coast.  We are already assisting WISPs that we can
identify who are at least partially operational and able to utilize
assistance such as Broadband IP and Mac Dearman's Maximum Access.  We are
trying to identify area distributors who have first-hand knowledge of area

Please let me know if WISPA has any plans to respond as an organization and
if there is an opportunity for us to work together.  Thanks Rick.

BTW: Spread the word to all that may be considering volunteering their
efforts and going to disaster areas - they must seriously consider carrying
in with them the GASOLINE they'll need to exit the area.  Reports are gas
availability is failing fast.

Jim Sutton
Carrier Sales Business Manager
Trango Broadband Wireless

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From: Mac Dearman [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Friday, September 02, 2005 10:17 AM
Subject: Re: Can I put an APPEAL on the Wireless Tech Radio website?


 I really appreciate your efforts and these people down here will never
remember you or I after all this is over, but they will remember that there
were people who stepped up to the plate to lend a compassionate hand when
they were in the most dire straight of their lives. I want no glory or
praise - - all I  I want is to get this diabetes medicine to that lady from
New Orleans that didn't have the money to buy it. I want to give $100.00 to
those folks from Jefferson Parish for gasoline back home to see if they
still have a home, I want to hang a CPE for VOIP phones at every shelter so
these (estimated) 1100 evacuees can ( in the surrounding Parishes) can try
to locate their families and loved ones. I just want to try and make this
insanity a little easier for them.

  I hate to cut you short, but I have received $1000.00 in donations over
night in my PayPal account and there are folks wondering right now where
they are gonna get lunch!! I got to run. I also have that Diabetes medicine
to buy!

 I am going to a shelter this morning that has no phones (none of them
do) at all as these are generally our local Church gyms. The shelter I am
headed to this morning is supposedly housing 150-160 evacuees. It is the
largest I am aware of in our area and I think the 20 donated VOIP phones
(NUVIO) will be here about 11:00am  I need a link (TLINK10) that will carry
traffic from one of my towers to that church - - 12 - 15 mile link. Any gear
that is donated will be returned after the need is diminished. If Trango can
come up with a backhaul link I will proudly hang that pup on one of my
towers and another at this big Church and install several PCs as well as
some VOIP gear as quick as I can get it.

Shoot me an email with what you need from me Jim - -- and again I
appreciate you so much - -words cant express!! By the way, I have seen no
Red Cross or FEMA at all  - - I guess they have more than they can handle
down South.

Mac Dearman
Maximum Access, LLC.
318-728-8600 - Rayville Office
318-376-2562 - cell
318-376-2561 - wifes cell
318-728-2552 - home

Jim Sutton wrote:

Mac Dearman
Mac: We haven't met but mutual friends, Ken DiPietro, Marlon Schafer, have sent me messages regarding your unselfish, heroic efforts in LA following Katrina's wake. I'd like to assist in any way I can personally and professionally. First: I'd like to formulate a RELIEF ASSISTANCE APPEAL to put on the *Wireless Tech Radio* website.
Ken and Marlon have worked with me for almost two years on Wireless Tech Radio. I'd like to record regular updates ( 5 -10 mins whenever) from you and PODCAST them through the website to publicize the need for assistance.
Beginning today!
Second, I'm recently employed by TRANGO and understand you need assistance. I'm already forwarding assistance needs to HQ. I'm brand new there and somewhat an unknown quantity but I'll push all I can. Third, I'll do an appeal to our WTR mailing list for relief assistance with personal appeals to contacts. I wanted to ask your permission and ask 15 mins of your time to create a narrative for an appeal that I can use - or forward emails to others that I can CUT & PASTE an appealing story from. Let me know if I can help you. Jim Sutton 540-882-9654
AIM: jimsuttonva
skype: wirelesstechradio


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