I don't know where she is at the moment, but I know the Governor and a lot of her staff personally. I am also in N. Louisiana and have 50 acres here right off I-20 and a GREAT BIG barn that may be utilized for anything. I also have a big rubber tired forlklift for loading/unloading as well as Fiber and muxed T1s for anything that may be needed. I don't know if any of it can be utilized, but now you have a point that maybe stuff could be shipped/warehoused for a short time.

I might make mention that I am also 240 miles North of NOLA and we are not experiencing any power loss, but fuel is tough to get.

Mac Dearman
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Rick Harnish wrote:

To all whom it may concern,

Michael is right here, there are lots of different efforts being started and
there seems to be a willingness to combine these efforts into one strong
one.  My advice is that we reply to all or begin a mailing list that all
interested parties can subscribe too.  I am willing to start this list
quickly if that is what we should decide.
Michael, it would help if you could share the list of volunteeers, equipment
and your plan that you were writing to the FCC and FEMA.  This will allow
others to expound on it and provide advice to do things that were not
thought of before.  With all of us included, the amount of "contacts" that
we can call upon for assistance will be multiplied substantially.
We are all busy people and with the holiday weekend, email responses have
been few so far.  I think that once a plan is put in place, a region or area
is defined and tasks are layed out with descriptions of specific jobs, that
many more people will volunteer.  Until that point, it will be tough to get
commitment to the unknown.
I have several messenger programs live most of the time, feel free to add me
to your list.

AOL AIM:  rharnish62
ICQ:  293578162


Rick Harnish
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Here is the latest from Michael at Part-15. WISPA, Part-15 and many others will be working toward the common goals of helping bring a combined WISP effort for helping with re-establishing communications in the effected gulf areas. If any of you want to help please go to the www.wispa.org website and click on the links from Part-15 to the places to donate your time, equipment or money to the combined effort. You can also send money to the WISPA account through [EMAIL PROTECTED] and MAKE SURE you put Katrina Disaster Relief in the subject line to insure funds raised will go directly to the relief effort.
Kindest regards,

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Hi John

Yea, there is a discussion list on the P15 servers for disaster relief efforts.

You guys could really help in a lot of ways. So if you don't mind, I start the thought process of sharing the load here a bit.

No fences to bend as far as I'm concerned buddy. Don't worry about crap like


Let me think of a good way to have a conference call of some form of communication established for some of this.

The biggest problem I have right now is time. We're under the gun on a lot of things. My second headache is we all need better focus. Too many people out there doing things on their own and it surely make things worse for the whole although a very few may see slight benefit.

Let me gather some thoughts and setup some form of meeting (voice or IRC)

Later and thanks John

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Good job on getting us organized for relief efforts. Do you have an IRC server and/or email list dedicated to this effort right now? What can WISPA do to become more involved in the planning and logistics of the effort that you have started here? We want to help do this as a partnership and try to mend fences between our organizations in the process. We are directing our members to your website resources you have setup for donating equipment and such. Let us know what you plan for the next meeting via IRC, teleconference, etc. so we can all be there together.
Kindest regards,
John Scrivner

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