Thanks to all who are helping those in need. Let me know what I and WISPA can do to help. We are all going to work together on this effort. We can all help guys like Mac Dearman who are making a difference today for evacuees in Louisiana. I understand the need for a much larger scope plan and am willing to help with that also but I hope we can all empower Mac to do more right now while we are all working on the bigger picture. Mac is helping a much smaller and focused effort than what our "big picture" effort will be but I have seen much great things coming from Mac's efforts and I think it is important that we bring some immediate help while working on the longer term goals. If you are not on the Hurricane Relief mailing list and you want to be then go to:
and replace the word "Volunteer" in the body of the message with the nickname you want to be known as on the list.

I recently received a message from Mac that he would welcome the use of his 50 acre homestead as a staging area with power and Internet access there. He has a large barn that can store supplies also. This could be the point from which we all start branching out to other efforts in Louisiana. Jim Patient is on his way to Mac's place and Butch is already there. Planning is important but helping those in need with some assistance right away is a good way to help us see the needs of the big picture. Thoughts?
Thanks guys,
John Scrivner

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