Good evening list,

I thought I would give you all an update on whats going on here. Jim Patient (ST. Louis, Mo., myself and Steve Milton (Seattle, Wa have connected two more shelters with High speed Internet and VOIP phones as well as PCs that will enable them to fill out their FEMA, RedCross and unemployment applications as well as assist in finding their lost family and friends.

I will fill out the form that Bullit has requested of me and would have done that before now, but I just havent had time. We just walked in the door here at my home 20 minutes ago and had the first hot meal in two days. I appreciate anything that any of you have done/will do for anyone in Louisiana, Mississippi or Texas as they to are over burdened with evacuees.

I have been overwhelmed with the amount of help that is headed this way. I won't turn down any help until we get these shelters up to speed. It seems that the shelters have heard that we are doing this and they are absolutely popping up out of the wood work. We had a call from 3 shelters in Tallulah, La. this evening with one housing 127 evacuees and had several more whole families on the way. I know that there is a crew coming out of (5)Chicago, a crew from Atlanta(7 men) some folks from Indianapolis, and (5?) from Southern California. When we get these shelters in the surrounding Parishes connected I will have completed scouting out shelters further to the south in need of connectivity and VOIP until we are out of gear or NOLA is opened up and/or Part15 takes the lead and sends us elsewhere.

I have staff here in the office (Sharon) that is coordinating our efforts and fielding calls if anyone has any further questions. Please feel free to call.

There is plenty to be done and all these men headed this way are really wanting to "wade out" in the water and get their feet wet. It will put them a little closer to the action and in a good position when the call comes from Part-15. I am glad to have all the help and all the gear to make things a little easier on these folks.

Now - - I will fill out that paper work and have another cold brewskie  :-)

Thanks Men,
Mac Dearman

Bullit wrote:

Please don't take this wrong, but some of the delay in sending out P15 support teams is because I no longer have a handle on how much support MAC Dearman now needs because of all those people taking the inititive to go there on their own. I have asked Mac and others close to him to please complete the P15 form about shelter locations needing assistance. Other than a few comments passing around on different lists, we still do not have a clear picture of what Mac needs and what he has too much of. <stumpted grin> You guys are sure making it harder for me to get the help deployed. Good luck and I hope you can provide meaning support to those in need. If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask. Michael
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    Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to let folks know I'll be hitting the road in a
    minivan with my colleague Rogers Wilson from Chicago heading for
    Mac Dearman's farm in northern Louisiana later this evening. We
    will push through the night and try to arrive sometime tomorrow
    morning. We'll immediately start giving Mac a hand with his
    efforts, and I'll be also assessing the situation in the area and
    helping to receive more CWN volunteers. So if you are a CWN
    volunteer and are looking for a place to go, Mac's farm is it, and
    we'll be on the ground there soon.

    Give me a call on my mobile (773) 934-4607, there may be patchy
    areas as we're driving where we're out of touch, but then
    definitely check in again tomorrow after noon.


-- Paul Smith
    Center for Neighborhood Technology
    Technology Director, Wireless Community Networks
Chicago IL, USA

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