Rick Harnish wrote:
  The bureaucracy that Part-15 is having to put up with is
unbearable for most of us to deal with.  It is no fault of Michael's as he
is doing his best, but we are going to become doers instead of sitting back.

I think he is trying to follow guidelines and can't make a move otherwise.

But that doesn't stop anyone who wants to head down and jump in where they can and then when Part-15 gets the nod to do what it is they want Part-15 to do, they can help Part-15.

Seems there are people on the relief list who want to work now.

Also I'm wondering if wispa can't be of help by setting up a fund to help Mac and the other small wisps who are setting up communications at shelters to actually hire some of the displaced residents and actually pay them money while they work, so they can get housing and back to work and on their own feet again.

Is this too far out there.

Makes the best business sense to get a recovery going, hire the displaced.

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