Speaking of Joe Miller (*Rockostimpy)*, I was not sure if he was in the loop or not but I guess he is. He is going to need major help.


Rick Harnish wrote:

We are getting a lot of requests from down south for more eq

uipment.  Mac
Dearman, JohnnyO, Tim Wolfe, Joe Miller and Joe Laura are all working
diligently to get more shelters online as quickly as possible.  If anyone
has any equipment they can donate ASAP.  Please get with me.  There are
nearly 20 volunteers heading down there from all over the country in the
next few days.  Some are in route now.  We need backhaul equipment, AP’s and
client radios.  Routers and VoIP equipment is also needed.   Feel free to
call my cell.
This call for equipment includes resellers and manufacturers.  Please call
me today!

Rick Harnish
OnlyInternet Broadband & Wireless, Inc.
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