WOW! It's hard to believe all those people in the picture are homeless. Looks like they were well fed right up to the hurricaine...... :-)

Hey Mac....You and the guys are doing a great job down there. Keep up the good work!

Keep the news and updates coming.

Best Regards,


Mac Dearman wrote:

Here is a link to our winding down and tales of the day time. It has been wonderful having help and the joking around, BS and other stuff in the evenings.

Sharon (my wife) has cooked enough the last few days (15lbs of catfish fillets this evening) that she is the first to bed and the first to rise making coffee and breakfast everyday. I saw Donuts and Cinnamon rolls in the shopping bag earlier this evening and I am wondering if I havent paid her enough for the tremendous efforts she has put out the last 6 or 7 days :-)

Somebody shoot Sharon ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) an email of encouragement and remind her we need meat, eggs and BISCUITS every morning :-) and a tall cold glass of milk!!


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