Yes I have and I have access to very accurate terrain data to make sure 
are on the money. I can also create terrain files showing every tree and
building in the path if you have access to high resolution aerial images. I
know things have been changed drastically since the storm but it looks like
there are companies flying and getting new aerial photography. If you need
real critical path studies done and we are marginal, getting access to that
data could be a big help, keep your eyes and ears open for that type of
information. We may need it at some point. I'm here for you guys. Let me
take some of the load off and keep you working in the field.

Thank You,
Brian Webster
214 Eggleston Hill Rd.
Cooperstown, NY 13326
(518) 207-0036 Office Please note new number
(607) 435-3988 Mobile
(208) 692-1898 Fax <>
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Subject: Re: [WISPA] WISPA Louisiana Crisis Center now operational


  You are a good guy and we will need some assistance from time to time
as we put up some of these longer links that we havent calculated yet.
Dumb question coming at you here - - - -  but very important - - -- -
have you done microwave path anaysis before?  We don't need any first
time climbers either :-)

Thanks Bro,

Mac Dearman
Maximum Access, LLC.
318-728-8600 - Rayville
318-450-4349 - Monroe, La
318-303-4227 - NOC

Brian Webster wrote:

>Matt, Mac and the crew;
>       While I'm not able to help out down there right now, I am willing to 
> give
>you guys engineering support. If you need path studies and coverage maps
>done just say the word. I'll crank them out as fast as I can. I know it's
>not much but it will probably help when things get more complicated down
>there. I can also help put together a comprehensive map of the whole
>you put together in case you need to report it to anyone.
>Thank You,
>Brian Webster
>214 Eggleston Hill Rd.
>Cooperstown, NY 13326
>(518) 207-0036 Office Please note new number
>(607) 435-3988 Mobile
>(208) 692-1898 Fax
> <>
>Free World Dialup #481416
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>From: Matt Larsen - Lists [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
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>Subject: [WISPA] WISPA Louisiana Crisis Center now operational
>Hello all,
>We now have the WISPA Louisiana Crisis Center setup at Mac Dearman's HQ
>in Rayville, Louisiana.  If anyone wants to call and coordinate
>volunteer help, equipment or press contacts, please call one of our two
>toll-free lines:
>You can also contact me via email at [EMAIL PROTECTED]
>A record of our efforts and projects underway will be online at
>We have a group of 12 people on hand right now and are organizing the
>available equipment and deployment assignments for the rest of the
>week.  We now have the "WISP tent shelter" set up in Mac's front yard
>and most everyone has turned in for bed so we can get a good start on
>things tomorrow.
>Here is a short summary of the equipment we have on hand, the equipment
>we are expecting, equipment needed and projects that we will be working
>on for tomorrow:
>Here is our list of assets:
>5 vehicles (including three capable of installs)
>2 3'  5.8Ghz dishes (from PacWireless)
>2 StarOS Point to Point Links (from Jeffco SOHO)
>2 Trango TLink10 links (from Trango)
>1 Vivato AP/Bridge (from Excelsio Communications)
>2 BSD Servers (from Infotex)
>1 Linux Server (fom Infotex)
>10 Mesh wireless CPE/AP boxes (from Center for Neighborhood Technology)
>6 Orinoco Ethernet Converter boxes (from BSC)
>3 8db 2.4Ghz Omni Antennas (from BSC)
>1 15db 2.4Ghz Omni Antenna (from BSC)
>2 Cisco 1900 APs (from BSC)
>3 18db Flat Panel Antennas (from BSC)
>3 AP3 Access Points  (from BSC)
>8 Orinoco Cards (from BSC)
>1 AP 1000 AP (from Business Systems Connection)
>10 Aeronaut CPE units (from Jeffco SOHO)
>25 900mhz mobile antennas (from Steve Field)
>ON THE WAY (estimated ETA Thursday morning)
>2 2' 5.8Ghz Dishes (from Microcom)
>2 3' 5.8Ghz Dishes (from Microcom)
>10 18db 2.4Ghz panel antennas (from Microcom)
>15 Deliberant 2.4Ghz CPE radios (from Deliberant Wireless)
>300 Nortel Baystack 10/100 managed switches (from Biltmore Communications)
>Windows XP Licenses (Microsoft)
>StarOS Licenses (Station-Server and Jeffco SOHO)
>PCs with keyboards, mice and monitors
>VOIP Phones
>Link from Baskin to Gilbert, La
>Link from Delhi to Tolulah, La
>Turn on three shelters with PCs and VOIP phones in Talulah, LA
>Document network in Visio
>Establish three separate teams - VOIP, wireless and network
>Strategic planning for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday projects
>Please call or email with any information.  Thanks from all of us here
>for your help and moral support.  We intend to make the WISP industry
>Matt Larsen
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WISPA Wireless List:



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