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Thanks Marlon.  Actually Joe Miller and Tim Wolfe are asking about the
alternative power products.

A more appropriate contact for donations is Michael Anderson since he's
working with Electro-Comm to warehouse and stage the gear before putting
it to use.  Michael's e-mail is [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Thanks to anyone that can help.

Thanks again Marlon.

Best Regards,  David

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Hi All,

I had a call from David Wilson with Smartbridges. He's in need of some solar and/or wind gear for the Katrina areas. I know I've seen some info from one of these lists about where to get alternate power sources.

I know EC has solar kits now but I don't know how much is in stock.  And

they've already donated quite a bit of gear....

A couple of ideas that I had to get people by (for those that need it
now or need it later) are:
Run some wires from your vehicle battery to the back (make sure you are
not in a trunk or something enclosed!!!) and use that to charge a battery(s). Use deep cell and/or big tractor batteries and run your gear that's natively 12 vdc from them and just change out the batteries as needed. Charge the dead ones while you drive.
Also, many ups units are 12 vdc powered for the backup.  I'd not be
afraid to hook up a slug of batteries in parallel and run a wire right through the side of the case. Swap out one battery at a time and you'll have no outages. I'll bet 3 or 4 car batteries would keep an ups unit with a wpop on it running for days.

Hope this helps!  And if you know anyone that can help with alternate
power systems please contact David directly asap.

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