I just want to say Thank You to all of the hard working volunteers that are out in the field working hard to help the suffering evacuees.  Your work is not going unnoticed!  I wish I was down there helping you but right now my place is here in the back office.  Hopefully, next week I will get escape and come help. 


We recognize that you are working in some pretty miserable conditions, sleeping in tents, not having adequate bathing facilities and the other comforts of home that many of us are still enjoying.  God Bless all of you and be safe, please be safe.  I also want to thank all the ladies and churches that are providing meals and support to these volunteers. 


We are doing some very important work here and we are getting noticed.  Most importantly, the evacuees that are being “turned on” to the Internet and VoIP phones are grateful beyond belief.   I only wish I could see some of those people now.  It has to be hard to deal with their depression, but it must bring you great satisfaction when you see someone make contact with a lost loved one on the infrastructure you are building. 


Please send Steve Stroh pictures and stories from the field.  He is our designated press agent and he is looking for good material to write about.  We want success stories, challenges, human interest stories and more.  Take some time and drop Steve an email.  His email address is [EMAIL PROTECTED].  If you have a blog, please send him the link.  Record everything you can down there, these memories will last a lifetime, not only for you but also on the lives you touch.


In gratitude!


Rick Harnish


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