Is it possible to post on the part-15 email distribution list for items Mac needs for the WISPA crew? I'm not a member of the Part-15 list, so..

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 "Part-15 Disaster Relief Effort"
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    As Part-15's role in the Katrina Relief Effort has grown, so has
    the need for more organization. This is a huge, complex project
    and structure is necessary to keep all the elements working
    smoothly together.

    Here is what Michael, Sabrina, and Claudia intend to put into
    place. We need *your *help in making it work.

    To manage transportation, finance, technical decision-making,
    personnel, and equipment procurement and distribution, the project
    needs five (5) volunteer Division Chiefs.

    The Division Chief positions are outlined below. If you are
    interested please e-mail me off-line at [EMAIL PROTECTED]
    <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]> stating which position you are
    interested in as well as your qualifications. Examples of
    experience would help us get to know you and make an informed

    These positions are all remote and will not require your presence
    on-site. As we gear up they will be labor intensive and require
    long hours. We are also hoping to recruit individuals who will be
    able to contribute for an extended period of time. Each position
    will require a combination of independent work and team work. All
    positions require an ability to monitor the listserv for content
    relevant to your responsibilities.

    *Technical Coordinator* - Responsible for managing the many
    different technical requirements. This will include managing
    technology-specific coordinators who are working on pulling
    together / managing others in their specialty.

    *Chief of Transportation* - Responsible for coordinating
    transportation of volunteers and supplies to and from staging
    sites, between staging sites, and from staging sites to work
    sites. This includes research of possible transportation options
    as well finding shippers and coordinating volunteer vehicles.

    *Chief of Finance* - Responsible for tracking expenses and
    managing donated funds. Includes deciding how limited donated
    funds should be used.

    *Chief of Personnel* - Responsible for monitoring and identifying
    site personnel needs, recruiting appropriate personnel, and
    assigning personnel to roles, projects, and teams. You will work
    closely with Site Team Chiefs to meet site personnel needs and
    Chief of Transportation to help the volunteers get to their work

    *Chief of Supply* - Responsible for monitoring and identifying
    site equipment and supply needs, tracking inventory, and assigning
    equipment and supplies to sites. This requires significant
    coordination with Site Team Chiefs to meet site needs and with the
    Chief of Transportation to help get equipment and supplies to the
    appropriate sites. This position requires an understanding of the
    many types of technical items that will be used. You do not have
    to know how to run them all, but you do need to understand what
    they are.

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