Title: MapInfo Offers Hurricane Disaster Relief Assistance - 9/7/2005 4:23:37 PM
    Thanks for this info! I have a call in to them to try and get data sets on Telco and utility infrastructure. I will integrate this information, as I get it, in the mapping that I am sending to Mac's group.

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Thought that this might be of interest to some of you.
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September 7, 2005

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

In light of the tragic devastation of Hurricane Katrina, MapInfo® Corporation would like to volunteer our services where appropriate and where we are able to assist with the rescue and recovery efforts.

For those unfamiliar with MapInfo, we provide software, data and services that allow you to map individuals, assets and geographies. In this time of recovery, we can assist with:

Creating and posting Internet and/or physical maps of affected locations, utilities, telecommunication infrastructure, etc.
Tracking assets, such as equipment and emergency services; and
Developing maps of relief locations including blood banks, hospitals, kitchens and shelters.

If you are a current MapInfo licensee, we will waive, where appropriate, license restrictions during the declared disaster period. Whether you're a current customer or not, we would be pleased to produce these maps or provide the software and/or data necessary to assist in the production of maps. We can post maps to the Internet for your convenience. We are also volunteering to you, where possible, the use of our professional services group on-site to help facilitate the production of maps. Our partner, TeleAtlas, has also offered to provide data, as needed, to create maps.

Please let us know how we may help. Please call toll-free, 800.619.2333 (9am – 5pm ET) and press Option #2; outside these hours, please call Brian Weiss at 518-469-0649. You may also request assistance through a button on the home page of our website at www.mapinfo.com .

Deepest regards,

Mark Cattini
President and CEO

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