Two things.

The link is

And as far as the cook description,  don't forget to send a picture of the
fishing boat you are supposed to have to cook all of the fish you catch,
clean, and cook.  Hehe   It is late.


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Good evening all,

 I have finally "made" an opportunity to update everyone on our current
events. It has been so hazy and over cast here the last two weeks that
we have had about a 6 mile visibility from all the towers. That don't
sound to bad, but when you are making 18 mile links you start to have
trouble. We are re-climbing 3 towers today to "tweak" and make
connections. It got dark on us yesterday and everyone was just plain
worn out from so many all day in the sun events.

  We are down to our last two shelters here in N. Louisiana this
morning and are expecting to move our base operations to Bay St. Louis,
Mississippi on Monday. We will be bringing in bandwidth to the shelters
there as well as to two Non-Profit organizations that I have been in
contact with over the last 5 days. The Not for profit orgs are
coordinating more shelters as well as moving in housing for the
residents that have lost their homes in that area.

  We are preparing today for the move and are currently putting our
inventory on pallets and securing it with shrink wrap. We have 2 large
"covered wagons"" and one 18 wheeler trailer that we are utilizing. It
will be the biggest geeky WISP convoy that I have ever seen!!

We are in need of a COOK for the Bay ST. Louis, Mississippi stint as we
are loosing our current cook who has 25 years (Sharon - my wife)
experience in making me fat. It would be nice if the Cook could also
climb towers, config numerous brand names of gear, knows Asterisk and
has plenty of money. All of these attributes would be a plus, but not
vital ;)   Really just a good cook who actually will have other duties,
Anyone available please contact me via email and I will go a little
deeper in depth.

Now, - - - we are in desperate need of contributions to continue this
effort or we too will be eating at a shelter before long. We have been
totally self sufficient thus far and haven't leaned on anyone for
funding at any point. We have all spent a fortune on gasoline and not to
mention anything else needed at the hdwe stores, parts houses...etc to
get these folks on line and rigged out with PCs, VOIP and internet. I
was wondering what kind of support we have? What does that support
include? Can any one of the two organizations (WISPA or PART15) help out
with money for fuel, food, bottled water, toilet paper? We have a group
of approx 20 men (21 as Jim Patient counts as two hehehe) who are
loading up from here and going South. We are also picking up a couple
more who went home to Atlanta for a couple days, but are going to meet
back up with us there in Mississippi. This group of men will be FEMA
registered to enter the area and that is already taken care of. We also
have had the use of a private lot donated to us to setup base camp and
it has a clean concrete slab where a house use to stand.


 We will be updating the  website as well so stay
tuned for more news!! ( my Paul Harvey impersonation)

we have also been offered the task of getting bandwidth to a couple
really prestigious places Down Town NOLA in the next week or two at the
most. We have received some very nice press due to our efforts and
success here. It has been a team effort and none of it would have been
possible if TRANGO BROADBAND and PAC WIRELESS (to name two of many)
hadn't donated their gear so easily.


Mac Dearman
Maximum Access, LLC.
318-728-8600 - Rayville
318-450-4349 - Monroe, La
318-303-4227 - NOC

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