I believe http://crisis.wispa.org has almost a complete story of what has been done to date. It is a blog populated by the WISPs who are doing the work with Mac and company. This is where I get my information about what they are doing down there. If there are things missing or not updated sufficiently I am sure Mac can fill in the blanks for you guys.

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Michael, as usual, has understated this a bit a bit, so I'll step into the role of blatant Public Relations once more.

There's a detailed explanation at http://www.part-15.org/emergencyrelief/fcc.html.

Here's the terse version. Michael Anderson, Chairman of PART-15.ORG was asked to speak at the upcoming FCC Open Commission Meeting on Thursday morning.

His speaking slot is 5 minutes.

It's short in time, but a lot of content can be crammed into it, considering that he can breeze through the PowerPoint slides, talk fast, and people can look at the replay and the PowerPoint slides in detail later.

He needs the inputs soon; Monday's gone already. That basically gives him Tuesday to put an short, effective, "punchy" presentation together. He flies from Chicago to DC on Wednesday. The more diverse input he gets, the sooner, the better and more representative the presentation can be.

It SEEMS likely (we don't know for sure) that this meeting will have lots of press attending, since it's requested that all the entities under FCC jurisdiction (telephone, cable, broadcasting, public safety comms, etc.) do the same sort of presentation. So... we want the WISP industry to be WELL represented, and it will be with YOUR inputs.

To be clear... CRYSTAL clear... Michael was NOT asked to speak to represent just PART-15.ORG. He was asked to speak to represent the WISP industry as a whole.

Michael would like your input. The web page above has some suggestions for interesting input to Michael.

The form found, linked at the bottom of the web page, (at http://www.part-15.org/emergencyrelief/report.asp if you'd prefer to skip reading the long, wordy web page) has additional suggestions on what to mention.

Photos would be great; again, more info at the two URLs.

Please - take some time out of your activities to provide your inputs.



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