I believe that it's important for WISPA and Part-15 to have a mutually beneficial and respected relationship between us.
I am not for casting stones, or trying to blur the efforts of Part-15.

The fact that Part-15 is acknowledging WISPA and portraying us in a good light, is a first step in building a relationship. Lets capitalize on the positives and work towards building a positive relationship.


Rick Harnish wrote:
Congratulations Charles, so now we have a "little Wu"  I'm sure you're a
proud father.  That's great.

I'm not trying to start an argument here but WISPA was not invited to attend
this function.  We received very late notice about the conference call two
weeks ago and none of us caught it in time.  Because of that missed
conference call, Part-15 submitted a plan to the FCC and became one of the
"approved vendors".  It is my understanding that this open commission
meeting is to allow those vendors to tell their story.
Each vendor has five minutes to give a short presentation.  Would the FCC
allow another slot for WISPA?  I'm not sure, maybe Marlon would have insight
into this.  The next question is:  Do we want to portray a divided industry
with Part-15 and WISPA taking credit for the same work?  Michael has asked
the WISPA board to provide him with bullet points of what we have
accomplished this week.  He given his word to portray WISPA as an important
contributor in the efforts of this week and last week.  He is very aware
that the Mac Dearman team has been aligned much closer to WISPA than Part-15
and he realizes the damage he will do to his own reputation if he labels
this effort as a Part-15 project.

I am unable to make this trip myself even with Charles great contribution.
I have been burning the candle at both ends the last two weeks and have
plans to go help Mac's Team this weekend.  I have been accumulating a
truckload of supplies, computers, monitors, etc. from my local community
this week.  If WISPA needs to have a representative in Washington on
Thursday, I suggest someone step up.  I don't believe it necessarily needs
to be a board member.  Mac would be great, but do we really want to ask him
to do more than he already is?  Matt Larsen would be great as well, so would
Marlon.  We will need to get on the agenda right away if someone is
committed to do this.
I have been communicating with Michael a lot lately and I believe I have
convinced him that part of his frustration in getting assistance has been
because his first several press releases focused most of the attention on
Part-15.  He IS GETTING BETTER now.  He took on a huge project, one that is
bigger than any one man can handle himself.  He has assigned volunteers to
help lead different aspects of his plan.  If you really look at it, Michael
took the reigns of a "no win" task.  I know I appreciate his willingness to
do this......I recognized that I didn't have the time to do it right now and
thus recommended that WISPA throw our support behind his effort to
consolidate resources and give the public a view of a stronger effort.
So, Michael has been burdened with this huge project and now has a competing
association board and members to deal with at the same time.  He not only
has to organize the effort but he has to try to keep the WISPA members happy
at the same time.  Sound impossible?  It does to me!  The real fact is,
Michael Anderson has done a trememdous amount for our industry in the last 5
years.  Not everything he does is approved by everyone, how can it be.  Heck
that is why WISPA got started in the first place.  Is WISPA perfect, no way,
we get criticized all the time for different things.  Face it, our industry
is a group of rather independent thinkers and businessmen that want to prove
that they can do it on their own.  We are all leaders in our own minds, we
bring solutions to people everyday that make their lives better.
I personally think it is time for the Part-15 leadership and the WISPA
leadership to unite our efforts or our fragmented industry will crumble a
slow death.  For some that means swallowing some "crow", but if we truly
care about the industry and our future, we need to open our eyes, recognize
our weaknesses and other's strengths and combine these resources to create a
powerful team.
Ok, flame away!  :P

Rick Harnish
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