Look folks...

You can either try to unite the WISP industry (the Rick approach) for a better future, or try to continue to fragment it (the Charles approach).

You can either try to grow beyond past mistakes and personality clashes... or keep rehashing the past mistakes and personality clashes over, and over, and over, to the ultimate detriment of the industry as a whole.

The bottom line in this discussion is that there's going to be a suit up in front of the FCC on Thursday morning who is going to try his best (I'm convinced) to give an overview of what the WISP industry has done AS A WHOLE.

To give credence to Rick's point of view on this, he has been plugged into MUCH (not quite all, but MUCH) of what has been going on with the efforts of PART-15.ORG members. I've been privy to some of the communications between the two "sides", and both Rick and Michael are bending over backwards trying to do the right things for the industry as a whole. It may well never be "happy-happy" between the two sides, but there's been more progress in the last ten days to grow beyond the "troubles" than in the previous two years.

Charles, basically, has NO clue about what's been going on other than what he reads on wireless@wispa.org and in turn expresses a knee-jerk reaction of "Michael Anderson BAD" and "WISPA efforts GOOD".

While I'm not going to get into a tit-for-tat of who's done more, better, faster, etc., I will state that quite apart from the unfortunate experience of the "Kelly WISP incident", PART-15.ORG has is doing some of the same things as the WISPA contingent. It's hardly the case that Anderson / PART-15.ORG is trying to claim credit for the enormous good that the WISPA contingent has done. For one thing, it would be ludicrous to do so given that the WISPA contingent has succeeded in garnering some favorable mentions for WISPA's work in national press.

It's also the case that some of the lessons learned and the donations and volunteer management expertise that PART-15.ORG developed in the last week are being leveraged to help the WISPA contingent.

Choose your course.



On Sep 13, 2005, at 09:00, Charles Wu wrote:

Well, if you look at it - w/out WISPA's efforts, there would be NOTHING to
talk about it

It would take approximately 30 seconds to introduce WISPA - and 4 1/2
minutes is plenty of time for a WISPA representative to talk

WISPA has a good story to tell (heck, it made national news) - I think it would be best for someone from the front lines (maybe reward Mac for his
initiative and efforts?) to tell the story


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