I would like to express my gratitude and admiration of the amazing
generosity and helpfulness of Trango Broadband, for thier support and help
in providing desperately needed communications gear to the most devasted
areas in the gulf coast.

They have made great efforts to get what has been needed to where it has
been needed.  They have been a shining example of responsiveness and
efficiency in meeting urgent needs.    There are thousands of people who do
not know the name of the company, nor the names of those who provided the
service, that has allowed and will allow them to start the process of
reclaiming their lives and reuniting thier families.

I just wanted to make this small public acknowledgement of this, and put it
on the record, that this has been example of the best and finest of humanity
helping humanity.   Thank you!

Mark Koskenmaki

North East Oregon Fastnet, LLC 509-593-4061
personal correspondence to:  mark at neofast dot net
sales inquiries to:  purchasing at neofast dot net
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