Yesterday, Michael Anderson had John Cox of Network World call me to interview WISPA on what we have been able to accomplish in the Hurricane Katrina Crisis Relief Effort.  He is writing a story that will come out in Monday’s Issue.  He was very detail oriented and I forwarded contact information for Matt Larsen and Mac Dearman to him.  He also interviewed Michael.  He asked me to provide the mailing list with his contact details. 


John Cox

Senior Editor

Network World


Direct Dial (508)-490-6466


He is looking for more material with how our teams have been satisfied with their work effort, the flow of equipment, volunteers and so forth, the frustrations that you have faced and he is definitely interested in some human interest stories, such as the one Jim Patient sent out last week.  I can’t seem to find that one now.  If someone has it, please forward it to John.  If you have even 5 minutes today and you have participated in this effort in any way, please send John an email.  I’m sure he has deadlines to meet so “git r dun” today.


Also, a brief description of any help from other groups in our effort such as CUWIN, MediaAccess Project, Churchofthe.Net,,,,,,,others?  We should recognize their efforts as well.




Rick Harnish


OnlyInternet Broadband & Wireless, Inc.

260-827-2482 Office

260-307-4000 Cell

260-918-4340 VoIP






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