From: "Bullit" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: September 14, 2005 11:36:19 PDT
Subject: [Emergency-Relief] P15 UPDATE

Hi all
Today at noon, I was required to submit my formal Commission briefing that was to be held tomorrow morning in Washington. The Commission had originally, back on Sep 12th asked me to provide an industry wide status report. That report was to be forwarded to the commission no later than noon, Washington time today.
I was able to produce a document that I believe was a humble attempt to bring the FCC up to date. I also believe that the report has it's shortcomings. However, those shortings can and will be addressed during future updates. In essence, I was pressed for time on this one and did not nor could not include everything the industry is doing. I will continue to strive for more in-depth reporting.
I found out late last night that the actual Commission meeting is being postponed and relocated to Atlanta, GA and although my report will be included in the overall Commission meeting, I will not be providing a presentation in person.
Now onto future reporting - I still am in need of your continued status reporting from the field. Please continue to submit photos, emails and also the use of the form submission we have established at:
Regards and keep up the great work everyone is doing. You are making a direct and significant difference.

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