Let me introduce Mark Gamrat. Mark is Director of Communications for Pitkin County. He is in Louisiana currently working on WiFi setups. Perhaps there's mutual benefits to working together. I'm copying Mark so he has your contact information.


he can be reached at [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Mac Dearman wrote:

Good morning everyone,

We are running around finishing up the needed packing as well as rolling up the 40x80 tent and getting it in the trailer this morning. We are trying to be sure that we save enough room in the trailer to roll my big BBQ pitt in the wagon as well. It seems a lot of the men have taken a "liking" to it put the requestion in for it.

Can you haul port-a-pottys' with the chemical in them? We have two on site here and it sure would be nice to take them with us as the sewer systems down there are non functional. We have a 18 wheeler trailer (dry box) that we are using to make the move in and would have (make enough room for) these two if they can be transported.

We are going down to bring Internet connectivity, PCs and VOIP to three places initially. One is a shelter that has 300+ evacuees that are local to Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi. One of them is the camp site of City Team and one other camp other than our own.

We are also splitting up and making a second team with a "relay" yard in Alexandria, Louisiana where there are so many shelters without any of the resources that we are providing. The big trailer will initially be deployed in Alexandria. Our intentions are to provide as long and as fast as we can. We will be pulling out of here after while headed South.

Mac Dearman
Maximum Access, LLC.
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