We had a big fire here a couple weeks age. A barn with 250k chickens burned down.. The local news chopper was flying over. OSHA watched the tape, and fined the piss out of them for violations they saw on a near by building they were building. OSHA will track you down. Delete Delete Delete.

Barry at Mutual Data wrote:

Hello Rich,

IIRC, Bob Moldeshel had mentioned ( years ago) that if OSHA sees the picture 
they can
track down and fine the person doing the violation. Not sure if that
is high on the list of things for OSHA to do, but why give them a

Also, we all need to practice safe climbing.


Thursday, September 15, 2005, 11:43:44 AM, you wrote:

r> Good eye.  You never know who will take note, but I wouldn't be so sure that
r> this would necessarily be noted by even the FCC.

r> I'll never forget an scene I watched, even though it was 29 years ago (you
r> just don't forget some things).  We were giving a live demonstration of new
r> 2-way trunking radios to FCC and FCC staff members in DC.  We certainly had
r> expectations that we were presenting to people who knew what we were talking
r> about.  Yet when we invited the FCC & FCC staff members to try the radios
r> themselves I saw an FCC staff member hold the mic in their hand up to their
r> mouth and said "hello", and then move the potato mic over to their "ear" to
r> listen.

r> But I agree with your suggestion.  You don't want an image with your name on
r> it to give a wrong impression.  But I'd be surprised if anyone with the FCC
r> would actually note the omission.  :-)

r> Rich

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r> Hello Rick,

r> The last slide should be pulled as the climber is not using safety
r> equipment. Not a good showing if we flaunt safety rules.

r> Barry

r> Wednesday, September 14, 2005, 6:48:53 PM, you wrote:

RH>> I sent these to Michael today at 12:30 pm. I haven?t had
RH>> much time to work on them but this is what I came up with. If
RH>> anyone wants to elaborate, add to, take away or finish this work,
RH>> it might be useful in another presentation in the near future.
RH>> Michael had a 12 pm eastern time deadline which I missed L.


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