I will some of our crew around there in the morning. I'll bet we can
find a good DSL connection there or a T1, slam some QOS of that pup, add
a bank of PCs and some ATAs on that dog and make him smile. Thanks for
the lead and caring enough to share!! We drive through (on I-12)
everyday going to Bay St. Louis, Ms.

Thanks dude,

          Mac Dearman
  "High Speed Internet for the South"
    318-728-8600   318-450-4101 NOC

Bob Moldashel wrote:

The mayor in Slidel LA (it is LA isn't it???) stated today in a live talk show on the radio that his city has extremely limited access to internet services for his people to fill FEMA/Red Cross requests. He stated that the government seems to be "overlooking" his city and FEMA has not even set up there yet.

Don't know if any of you guys are near that but may be a great opportunity for a connection with 10-20 PC's. He also stated utilities such as phone we extremely limited also...

I am sure the mayor will stand on his soapbox and tell the world (I heard him on CNN via XM radio) how the private sector "rescued" his city.



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