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Well said.  Not to mention that the WiSP industry was virtually ignored
during the meeting, so was VoIP, virtually the only available
communications services immediately after the disaster, and still today.

Immediately after the meeting, Jeff Pulver stated, "Now, once again, the
VoIP industry has been excluded from the dialogue. As a result, I fear
that the public might miss out on the full story and may never
understand the positive role that IP technology could play going forward
in times of public catastrophe."

To that end, I have an opportunity for WiSPA and the Wireless ISP
industry at the upcoming Comptel/ASCENT and Broadband Wireless World
show in Orlando in three weeks.  I have been invited to speak at the
show and would like to reserve some of my time to highlight the success
of what Mac (and crew) have accomplished.  Your video, pictures, etc.
would be fantastic to have in my presentation.  If you can share them
with me, I have the ability to edit and create a production quality
piece and present it at this event.

Here is the communication I sent to Rick this morning (I don't know that
he'll get it anytime soon because he's headed down to LA to help so I'll
ask the other Board Members, and list members, for their comment).

Good Morning Rick:

I wanted to pass along to you, so you may communicate to the Board, that
I will be speaking at the Comptel/ASCENT and Broadband Wireless World
Show coming up in Orlando in about 3 weeks.

The premise of my discussion is getting around the last mile of the
RBOC/ILEC and providing Voice (VoIP) services over a wireless network
and bypassing the traditional communications infrastructure.

During a conference call with the organizers yesterday, Hurricane
Katrina came up and I discussed with them Mac's and WiSPA's efforts to
provide telephony support over wireless networks to support evacuee's
and the shelters and they could think of no better way to illustrate the
above point (bypassing the LEC's) but to use this perfect, timely,

So, what I'm asking you, and the board for, is permission to discuss
this solution, use some pictures, network topology diagrams during my
speech.  It is my desire to give the necessary credit to WiSPA and Mac,
certainly not myself.

Please let me know as soon as possible as I need to finalize my
presentation within the next couple of weeks.

For more information on the show, you can visit:

More specifically, you can view the agenda there as well.  I will be
part of a panel beginning at 8:00 am on Tuesday Oct. 11.

Below is the excerpt from the program as to the premise of the panel.

Business Strategies Track Network Access: Where Do We Go From Here?
The loss of UNE-P as a result of the FCC TRRO and the deployment of
advanced IP-based services make finding alternative network access more
important than ever before. Learn what options are available today and
being developed for tomorrow's networks. Moderator: Sue Platner, President, The Northridge Group
Thanks for your help.  Keep me posted.

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Hello all,

I considered going to the FCC meeting today, but it would have been a
huge time committment for me after already making a pretty big
committment to get down to Louisiana last week.  If I really felt that
this was the time for us to come out to the forefront and declare our
industry ready to take charge, I would have gladly taken the time to do
it, but WISPA was mentioned as one sentence in one report that was
little more than a footnote after all of the stories of "sacrifice" and
"tremendous efforts" that the ILECs bandied about.

We are still nothing more than footnotes to the FCC and the telecom industry. 250 miles north of NOLA, we had spotty cell phones and the regular phones only worked half the time - which is why Mac's team went
down south and is doing something very SPECIAL and AMAZING down on the
Gulf Coast.

In my mind, the thing to do right now is to keep on plugging away on the
relief efforts and save our promotional activities until we have a
little bit more under our belts.  Many in our industry made donations
that went straight to Mac's team, and will keep them fed and operating
through the weekend - and I will say this right now....


That FCC meeting is going to be completely forgotten in another week or
two, but I guarantee that people are going to know the legend of Mac
Dearman and his motley crew for years - and the most important thing to
do right now is to stand behind him and support him in this time of
need.  If any of you had been there, you would have felt the incredible
power of that team, the energy flowing between everyone and the focus. Many in that team knew little about WISPs - they were network or VOIP guys - but they are believers now, I guarantee it. In the next two weeks, they are going to show the world what the "git er done" attitude
can do, and it is going to put the Telcos, the cableops and the FCC to

Gentlemen, our golden moment is upon us - we are about to rise from the
horizon of obscurity and start our fast rise into respectability,
credibility and investability.  Our seat at the big table is being
prepared, and Mac Dearman - probably one of the most unlikely heroes we
could ever have, and yet probably the most deserving - is going to pull
the chair out for us.

The most important thing we can do for the next thirty days is going to
be to make sure that we can put any possible resource in front of Mac,
just to show what ONE MAN, ONE WISP can do with resources behind him. When his job is done, the most important thing we can do will be to trumpet that acheivement - we need heroes and the stories behind those heroes will be remembered. I want every person in America to know who Mac Dearman is - because he stands for all that is great about our country.
After being down there for a few days, I have completely recommitted and
reworked my video project idea about WISPs to focus on Katrina efforts
and how the things that Mac is doing are just a reflection of what WISPS
do everyday, all over the world.  I have two hours of video footage, and
another two hours coming from a videographer in Louisiana, and I fully
intend to make a documentary that tells our story like nothing else.  I
have no idea where I will come up with the money and time to get that
video done, but I WILL FIND A WAY!  I was in tears at home last Tuesday
night, feeling for my friend Mac and wishing I could be down there
helping him out - but it only took me about 30 minutes and two phone calls before I figured out how to get it done. I was able to enjoy a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I was able to be part of something meaningful and pure of heart. This is our chance to make a difference,

RIGHT NOW!   It is time to seize the day.

Our number has been called, are we going to stand on the sidelines or
get in the game!

Matt Larsen
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