Let's think about this. Do you really think the FCC cares about the WISP?
Who is going to be the largest wireless providers left standing after the
pending mergers? Ok, I'll wait....(Jeopardy theme).

Do you really think the BOC's are going to make it easy for WISP's to stay
competitive? Ok, backhaul comes from where? Even if you do business with
CLEC's their costs are going to go up and so will their customers. They will
keep squeezing and squeezing the life out of the competitive provider until
flat line.

Let's face it, we have a paid off administration, in the terms of a lobbied
congress who in turn pushes the agencies button.

Let's just look at one, the FCC and its Chairman, who sold out the
competitive market for his own well being. Let's face it. When he was the
thorn in the former chairman's side and then became a possible candidate,
I'll assume the opinion he was taken to the wood shed by the administration
and told to hold the party line, or not get the top job to pad his resume
for the private market after life.

He now has a 2&2 commission with two lame duck commissioners, one wanting to
keep HIS job, the other one, SHE can't wait to get out. The chairman's own
term is up next June and that puts him into a position to look out for his
own well being. You know, 38 with wife and kids.

I'll also assume that he did they same thing to the one commissioner wanting
reappointment as was done to himself. He has to do as much as he can with a
2&2 commission, because he can not afford another clone of his former self
to get one of the open positions. He is doing as much damage as he can to
the competitive providers as he can get away with. Honestly, I don't know
how people can work under his regime and sleep at night.

Oh, and one more thing. Let's see what happens when wireless is pushed under
the wireline division at the FCC.

Frank Muto
Co-founder -  Washington Bureau for ISP Advocacy - WBIA
Telecom Summit Ad Hoc Committee
http://gigabytemarch.blog.com/     www.wbia.us

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From: "Tom DeReggi" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> I agree with you. However, I believe most CLECs will end up building out
> their own wireless, just because they can.
> The barrier to entry/build is much less when considering wireless.  Our
> strategy was to wholesale, and buy the prime broadcast spots, so our
> to get line of sight, secured our position, just as CLECs secure their
> position with their legal status and assets in place.  Wether the WISP
> industry will survive depends on how well WISPs can manage to keep there
> network, and wholesale to other ISPs.  If everyone deploys it will self
> destruct. I also think that many CLECs or ISPs, will just quit, because
> are tired and had enough, and starting over again is jsut over welming to
> them, considering they would be late entries into the wireless game.  Or
> instead, they will migrate to service and content providers, not
> connectivity providers.  Its also likely that larger CLECs may start the
> aquisition and consilidation efforts.
> Tom DeReggi
> RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc
> IntAirNet- Fixed Wireless Broadband

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