Defacto Wireless now has equipment and manpower available to assist.
We are sorry that we are "late to the game", however, we had previous
commitments that impacted our ability to help.

Please make your needs known to us so that we may fulfill what we can.
Additionally, we are attempting to clear up schedules for atleast
three of us to come and assist directly in your deployment efforts.

I have contacted Packet8 regarding their abilities to donate equipment and
services to the effort. I've found them to be a very reliable VOIP source.

I look forward to our being able to assist your efforts.
Chief Operating Officer,
Defacto Wireless LLC
Mark Williams
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I wish you were here too :-)   My arse is dragging and my love life is
lacking - - - - no wait - - -- - - -it is non existent!

 Men,  I have some pics of the Bay - - - Bay St. Louis, Ms  that will
make you cry. I have never seen such devastation in my life. The 1st
time I drove in I had to stop on side of the road as my eyes filled up
and got a limp in my throat. It was pretty evident that I wasnt ready to
be there!! They tell me I need to ride down to the coast line and check
it out and I asked them (knowing the answer) if it was worse and they
stated that " I hadnt seen anything yet."  I havent had time just to
ride and look as the days arent long enough to do what needs to be
accomplished as it is. If you have ever said one prayer that was heard
by the Lord - - - - try it again on behalf of these people that lived
there. They are in the battle for their lives and having to deal with
FEMA and the RC !!! There will be a shooting yet!!

   Men it couldnt get worse than it is/was in Waveland & Bay St Louis.
If you can adopt a family to help them just a little it would be a great
thing. None of us are getting rich, but we are getting into OUR beds
every night, we are getting into OUR cars every night, we are getting up
in OUR homes every night and these are just a few of the things these
folks used to have, but somehow no longer own. Some one ought to
organize an "adopt a family"  --- -get the names and addys, how many
children....etc, post their pics and tell a short story about them. That
would be great and I will be the first to adopt a family - - -you have
my word.

Headed back to the bay this morning. MCI has a DS3 in GulfPort for us
and we started hanging gear yesterday. MCI said use their gear, but
someone hasnt done their homework because I know that it is a 18 mile
shot in 5.8 - - - - about a 70' fresnel zone, 125' on one end and 85' on
the other. There are 80' pines...etc in the path + curvature.  I tried
to explain this to the man who had the gear and he told me he wrote
white papers and stuff and didnt make any descisions. This link is
doomed to fail and there will be extra climbing involved -  a wasted day
and the people are still without, the hospitals are still with out. This
one aint on me & I will say " I told you so."


Bob Moldashel wrote:

> No Problem Mac.  You guys are doing a great job.  Just wish I could be
> there to help.
> Be safe..
> -B-
> Mac Dearman wrote:
>>   Bob,
>>  I will some of our crew around there in the morning. I'll bet we can
>> find a good DSL connection there or a T1, slam some QOS of that pup, add
>> a bank of PCs and some ATAs on that dog and make him smile. Thanks for
>> the lead and caring enough to share!! We drive through (on I-12)
>> everyday going to Bay St. Louis, Ms.
>> Thanks dude,
>>           Mac Dearman
>>   "High Speed Internet for the South"
>>     318-728-8600   318-450-4101 NOC
>> Bob Moldashel wrote:
>>> The mayor in Slidel LA (it is LA isn't it???) stated today in a live
>>> talk show on the radio that his city has extremely limited access to
>>> internet services for his people to fill FEMA/Red Cross requests. He
>>> stated that the government seems to be "overlooking" his city and
>>> FEMA has not even set up there yet.
>>> Don't know if any of you guys are near that but may be a great
>>> opportunity for a connection with 10-20 PC's. He also stated
>>> utilities such as phone we extremely limited also...
>>> I am sure the mayor will stand on his soapbox and tell the world (I
>>> heard him on CNN via XM radio) how the private sector "rescued" his
>>> city.
>>> -B-

           Mac Dearman
   "High Speed Internet for the South"
     318-728-8600   318-450-4101 NOC

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