We learned a long time ago that selling the term "wireless" was confusing to some people and had ideas of unreliability, when they think of sat tv and rain fade or spotty cell phone coverage. So we term it broadband in our marketing, but explain the wirleless aspect of our system after we make contact and have the oportunity to explain our fixed wireless system and dispell any misbeleifs.


Tom DeReggi wrote:
Do the majority of WISPs now sell their Wireless service as "Broadband" (not mentioning its wireless in initial marketing) or as "Wireless"? How is customer awareness comming along. Is advertising "wireless" helping or hindering the sales process. We are still loosing marketing leads, because prospects are afraid of wireless, before we get a chance to educate them on the capabilities and added benefits. I'm wondering what others are doing in recent days. Tom DeReggi
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