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Just a REALLY fast email from Bay St. Louis - - Waveland Mississippi - - - - - - -

we are now running a 45 meg pipe into town!! This is the second email sent through terrestrial link so stand bu for an update tonight. I havent had internet acces, I have been on towers from 7:00am to dark:30 and just havent had the energy to post via a satellite link. I apologize for this, but my arse is dragging 10 feet behind me right now!! Time for a bath, a bunch of brew and LUNCH!!!!


Rick Harnish wrote:


Here is a link to some of the pictures I took while John and I were down there this weekend. http://www.flickr.com/photos/wispa_rick_harnish/44998312/ I have some of Mac up on a tower 200’ but I have filled up my allotment right now. I am hoping to get an upgrade to a larger account very soon.

Concerning the press, we have been generating press releases and have gotten responses from the Washington Post, Network World, LATimes and the NYTimes to name a few. New America also did a nice piece last week. Any help you can give in that department is appreciated. With all the Katrina news lately, stories like this seem to get lost.


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I wish 'our team' down South would put up more pictures-not necessarily of the destruction, but of the work that they are doing. Like Mac 200' up a tower, Matt on a roof top, people using our phones and PC's, things like that.

Second-does anyone have a PR person on staff or 'related'? Other groups are putting out the things they have done and getting press. Our group should be showing some more press with pictures of people using our installations.

Third-I sent out over the weekend 100 letter emails to friends-relatives-co workers asking them to go to the www.wispa.org <http://www.wispa.org> site and donate. A few responded back that they did do it. Maybe when some have time you can do the same. I asked if they could donate $10-$100-$1000, and I think Mac got a few $25's out of it. Not much but buys some gas or healthier food. I just donated another $100 myself.

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