You going to ride it out?

All the satellite loops I see....I just think it will head more north and less west.  We'll see.

JohnnyO wrote:
Marlon - Lake Arthur, Louisiana - home of - we'll be
just to the east side of the storm when she hits... What a mean bitch
this will be. Would love to have ya'll :) I have 3ft thick cement walls
surrounded by other buildings with 3ft thick walls LOL

FYI - we have 4000sq ft of empty space to use for staging area /
sleeping accomodations / plenty of grub / etc.


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Are there any WISPA people left who can jump and run?   I got the
that those who could already did and are now already out there...   A
lot of
folks have given a lot already, I suspect more than a few are tapped

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Hi All,

What can we do to get ready for Rita's landfall?  I think that now's 
the time to get teams together and pre plan a few staging areas in the

likely landfall areas.


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