I tell you what JohnnyO. If I were you I would be high tailing it out of where you are right now. You are in a bad spot from what I can see. I am not trying to be a hand wringing worry wart here. I just did a Mapquest on your location and it looks to me like Rita is gonna move in and be your new woman. Nobody will think the less of you for getting to a safer place. My cell is 618-237-2387. Call me anytime.

JohnnyO wrote:

Marlon - Here is a quick list

APGWireless, LLC
800-774-0320 (office)
251-404-0394 (cell)
646-202-1374 (VoIP)
112 Arthur Avenue
Lake Arthur, LA 70549

Latitude: N30° 4.5919'
Longitude: W92° 40.6113'

4000sq ft empty office space available
6meg connection

TONS of cajun cooking - Generator - Thank you CLIFF ! ! ! ! (Calls me a
pimp but charged me $250.00 to drive one down to me)

Coverage : Lake Arthur, Lowry, Grand Lake, Klondike, Gueydan, Morgan
Shores, Jennings, Morse, Kaplan, Indian Bayou
Have towers in place that can reach "Cameron, Welsh, Roanoke, Elton"
We have coverage all the way to the Intracoastal Waterway South
2.4ghz / Canopy 900mhz

Radio Communications Service
Crowley, Louisiana
Jay Domingue
337-739-7055 (Cell)
Coverage : Crowley / Iota Canopy 900mhz Shop - Has a 500ft tower just west of Lafayette, Louisiana
as well

This is all I know of in this area Marlon.


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Hi All,

The FCC has asked me for a list of wisps in and around the projected
path of Rita. I know of no extensive list for this.

If you are in that area can you please forward me your contact info
(name, address, phone etc.)?

If you KNOW someone in the area, I need as much info as you can give me.

Especially contact data and towns covered.

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