I just read through the September 19th edition of Telephony magazine. This is the Telco trade journal. There was an article about the recovery efforts and rebuilding after Katrina. There is specific mention of Part-15, other WISP's and quotes from Trango about wireless broadband and VOIP making fast recovery of telecom services in the effected areas. Mac's teams and efforts are going to have a lasting impression on the LEC's and I think they will be quite nervous over this. Don't be surprised if this leads to more legislative efforts to thwart wireless and VOIP. On the upside to this, it should open some eyes at the government levels and give us more ammunition to capture some spectrum.
    It seems that everywhere I turn now there are references to your work and others like you, between wireless and VOIP, recovering large capacity telecom resources in devastated areas is much quicker than anyone has imagined. This comes at a time in society where the internet is a vital form of communication, even for relief work. Times are a changin................

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