After surveying my damage this is what I have come up to needing immediately


 6 routerboards(John Tully - this would be my 1st choice :)~ )  or wrap boards

 2 tlink10s or atlast with external conectors

 6 2.4ghz radio cards

 6 cm9 cards

 pigtails for everything

 15 4ft jumpers 8 for 2.4ghz   8 for 5.8ghz


That should do it -


If anybody can either donate or LOAN me the gear on a 90day term I think we can have this network whole again within 10days. Not looking for a handout or a free ride here - just a lil help !


I am asking for 90days b/c it will take atleast 4 weeks to get an adjuster here and another 2-4 weeks to receive the insurance check.




CPE damage on the client end seems minimal - only the stuff hanging on towers got banged around !


I have 1 tower that collapsed - 1 tower I will collapse(was stressed) - 1 water tower install that is GONE - 1 boat shed repeater GONE - 2 barn top repeaters GONE


All in all I think we'll be fine . On the family side - we've got 2 generators going at my mother's and plenty of food - running low on water but the 82nd is supposed to be here tomorrow with ice / MREs / WATER (you never realize how precious it is)


Sushanna and the boys will be with me tomorrow - I miss my babies - We'll be at the "Onellion Compound" where we are already housing 13 family members from the NOLA Katrina ordeal….. I sent Sushanna and my kids to Alabama while I rode out the storm at our office…. All I can say is WOW - been there done that - earned my T-Shirt and will NEVER do that one again !


Thanks for any help I will receive and God bless you all….


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