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Just to be clear in case there is any doubt. WISPA and Part-15 do not always do things the same way and we do not always see eye-to-eye but the two organizations (among several others) are 100% working to help people in need in gulf affected areas and all who are taking part in this cause, regardless of their organization affiliations, and are to be applauded and respected by all who are on these lists. I am proud of everyone involved in all the organizations who are helping these folks and I bet Michael Anderson will echo this.

I have publicly asked that we all share in the glory of this and that we help one another and I certainly hope that is what happens from this point forward. Our petty differences mean absolutely nothing in the scheme of things. It is time for our industry to shine and I am not going to let in-fighting be what defines this moment in our industry.

You ladies and gentlemen are all my heroes and I am tired of the fighting. Let's work together and beat the hind quarters of the RBOCs. We all know they are the ones who have been beating on us for years. Let's light up the gulf affected areas with so much Wireless Broadband that they don't need lights at night!
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