Tom DeReggi wrote:

> I have Station Server boxes, configured as Stations, and have them set as
> bridges with no problem.  Am I missing something? Am I correct that
> Mikrotiks can't be set up as bridges between Ethernet and Wifi port?  For
> various reasons I do NOT want to route.

This is a guess...

StarOS (I assume this is what you're referring to by the name "Station
Router") doesn't implement true transparent bridging, they actually just
use proxy ARP. Most of the time this works, and gives you a pretty
reasonable simulation of bridging. Not always, but most of the time.

Depending on what other gear you have in your network, different bridging
implementations can sometimes bite you in the behind. StarOS bridging and
Karlnet bridging, for instance, don't work together well and you'll have
weird problems that take days to find and that give you nasty headaches.

Mikrotik RouterOS probably has a different bridging implementation with
its own fun quirks. Maybe one of their quirks is that it doesn't work
well/reliably/at all with a Wi-Fi compliant interface. Honestly, I don't

Presumably, though, the folks that wrote the software know its quirks and
limitations. If they say it won't work, there's a chance it won't work. :)

David Smith
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