I am still in awe of your energy level for such an old man. ;)  You are the
epitomy of what all of us should strive to be.  

I'm glad you have taken the weekend off to spend at home with your wife and

The last time we talked, you were having issues in Gulfport with
interference.  It sounds like maybe those are resolved, are they?  

How is Joe doing?  Is he getting equipment that he needs?  

I only wish I could get back down there and help but it just isn't in the
cards for me.  I have too many projects that are demanding my attention
RIGHT NOW!  I'm sure you know tooooooo well how that is.

If you need me to stump for gear or other supplies, let me know.  Hey, I can
ship those Tsunamis back down to yall. :P

Enjoy the weekend!

Rick Harnish
OnlyInternet Broadband & Wireless, Inc.
260-827-2482 Office
260-307-4000 Cell
260-918-4340 VoIP

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Good morning list,

   I thought I would drop all of you a line this morning as it is the 
first  normal Saturday morning I have had in a month. I am sitting in 
front of my PC, cup of coffee on my desk, nice chair to sit in, A/C is 
rocking, little puppy in my lap and my big black lab on the floor behind 
me and no generators are running within my hearing range!!!!  This is a 
good morning in N. Louisiana!!

    I rolled in home from Bay St. Louis, Mississippi Thursday night 
about 10:00pm and havent had a spare moment since. It has been a real 
experience working in the "Katrina" zone these last few weeks. I will 
never forget all the people and all  the support that we have gotten. 
None of the things we have/will accomplished would be possible if it 
were not for folks like all of you. I appreciate all that yo have done 
from the bottom of my heart. I know I haven't been on list and given 
updates like I should have, but I have an excuse for that too. Part of 
the time we had no bandwidth where we were staying and part/most of the 
time we would get started at 7:00AM and not quit until 9-10:00pm and I 
was totally exhausted. Sleeping on a floor was not a problem for 4 days!!

 We are not through in Bay St Louis or Waveland as we are still 
connecting shelters..etc.  We also have a BH link to make into the Port 
of Bienville (15miles?) where there are many jobs at different Port 
facilities and factories like GE and an Crude oil crack plant (no smart 
alec comments on the crack plant)  as well as the only sewer waste 
disposal plant for Hancock county that serves Bay ST Louis and Waveland. 
I talked with Joe Laura yesterday and we are going to join backhauls at 
our Mississippi Power tower and his Lyman, Mississippi tower. I gave him 
two Tranzeo TR-5a-N radios and two 3' dishes yesterday to make that 
possible and he was headed out to hang that gear yesterday. He also 
offered us a place to set up camp in D'Iberville where we could stay for 
the duration of our campaign down there. I am also working on a deal 
with 'Rescue International" that would join our network with theirs in 
Slidell, Louisiana on a water tank owned by the town. This would give us 
redundancy on both ends (one 6meg and one DS3)as well as provide fail 
over redundancy for both of these other groups. I thought it was a 
pretty sweet deal for all of us!

 We are still lacking getting into Pass Christian, Mississippi and we 
really need to get that done. I have access to two towers in the area, 
but am lacking help at this point in time. It would be really nice to 
have someone else who can/will climb and hang this gear. I have 
everything it takes to put a 5.x Backhaul and 2.4 AP with an omni there 
as well as a Trango 900AP and omni. We could use a few more DB clamps, 
but short of that we have what we need to complete these efforts. We 
need to do the same thing when we get to Port of Bienville - - - exact 
same set up and gear. ANY VOLUNTEERS?

Thanks Y'all

Mac Dearman
Maximum Access, LLC. (Katrina relief efforts)
318-728-8600 - Rayville
318-376-2562 - cell

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