So is it leaves or sap.  (I know, both.....)

rcomroe wrote:

Just remember that the frequencies we use today were not used forever. In WW2 they were using pretty low frequencies. During Vietnam 800MHz hadn't been opened up yet. I don't believe that anecdotes about the effect of leaves on Ghz frequencies learned from 30yrs ago or more are still valid. But they may well have been true about the low frequencies in use at the time.

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A good friend of mine (ham guy) tells me that during....shoot I cant
remember....either WW2 or Vietnam that they used something to kill the
leaves but it did not improve signal for their radio communications.  So
it was determined that it's the sap in the trees not the leaves that
kill the signal the most.  Anyone got a link to something a little more
"scientific"?  Oh ya, I do trust this guy.  He knows his stuff....wrote
this book  but I just want a 2nd

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