Jonathan Schmidt wrote:

> I understand that GOOGLE has a proprietary piece of client software.
> Perhaps it's secured.

Are you thinking of the stuff that was (very briefly) available from, or something else?

(Note: The above URL now just redirects to the g00gle home page, but there
was stuff available for download there briefly.)

That software wasn't anything special, it was basically a VPN client. The
"secure access" software just negotiates a random username and password,
then it's completely standard L2TP VPN from there on out. It creates a
"" widget in Network Connections (assuming you're using
Windows, of course).

Also, bear in mind that Google is based in the San Fran area, and they may
well be interested primarily/only in that location. (Suppose Google pays
for employees' home Internet access as a corporate perk, which sounds very
much in-character for them. If they can get 2/3 of their employees on this
network, and stop having to pay for a few thousand employees' DSL or cable
modem connections, that's obviously in their and their shareholders' best

Until there's some evidence to the contrary, "Google bids on wifi contract
for San Fran" isn't any more or less newsworthy than any other company
bidding on a contract.

P.S. when did it become popular to hate on Google? I must have missed that
memo, and I need to be up on all the popular trends because I'm hip and
funky and poppin' fresh.

David Smith
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