Hey Rick, I know you do not have any shirts big enough to fit around my well endowed beer-belly but do you think you could send me one anyway? Maybe someday I will accidentally lose enough weight to fit into one of those shirts!

Rick Harnish wrote:

I have another 35 shirts in Bluffton, IN.  I can help fulfill the need if
you run out Mac.  I should thank Frank Crawford from Washington State for
his donation of shirts and time.  I believe he said his daughter has a
Tshirt Shop.  The designed, printed and shipped the shirts.  I have attached
a picture of the Tshirts.


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Hey folks,

WISPA ordered some T-shirts for us that were here (N. Louisiana) and in Mississippi

They say "WISPA" "Building Emergency Communications" on the front and on the right sleeve they say "Hurricane Katrina Relief Team 2005"

Please send [EMAIL PROTECTED] you size and mailing addy and we will get yours shipped out to you. The sizes available are XL, L & Medium and I think there are 60 of them all total. First come first served on sizes and I can think of a few of US that would stretch a medium sized T-shirt to the point of disgrace :-) and/or even shameful for public display!

Again I want to thank all of you for your kindness and hard work. I am at home and will be working on my network this week as I await some more gear to come in to get a few more backhaul links in. Any of you ready for another round down there? If you havent been to Bay St. Louis, Diamondhead, Waveland or Pearlington - - - - - - you aint seen a thing.

I need some help for this weekend or first part of next week. I need a couple climbers as well as a few installers. I need some help re-vamping the network in South Mississippi as the original plan does have its faults. I have Steve Milton in Seattle who is the Cisco gate keeper and he has done an outstanding job. He is just a phone call away with any changes we need. I think if I can get MCI to give us a full Class C we would be in good shape there and then we could just assign public IPs to all routers on the network. The ATAs have given us fits with NAT and I think that we now have Aaron supplying us with the Linksys - 2 port ATA and firewall routers that will enable us to build a highly reliable and redundant backhaul and AP scenario. (THANKS Aaron)

Later Cats,

Mac Dearman
Maximum Access, LLC.
www.radioresponse.org (Katrina relief efforts)
318-728-8600 - Rayville
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