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Brian a canopy system can be taken down much easier then a DSSS system - Canopy will suffer just as much from other "un-timed" canopy users in the same area. There are lots of WISPs that are deployed in Canopy clustered areas and are running fine.
Just hope they don't deploy Tsunami gear :)
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Well this is they type of thing I feared, the well funded big guys getting in to the WISP business. Earthlink was awarded the contract with Philly to build out their wi-fi network. They have also been one of the companies submitting a plan to San Francisco. Let's just hope they don't blindly deploy Canopy and clog up all the spectrum. I'm sure these guys won't want to play nice in channel planning especially if they have the municipal blessings. Never a dull moment in this industry............ http://www.rcrnews.com/news.cms?newsId=24387

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