I downloaded the free version of google earth and then updated to the pro trial version.

 Microsofts terraserver had better pictures.

Problem is the latest image is 1994, lots has changed around here in 10 years. All I'm trying to do is current version. But I can't spend alot for this.


Johann Beretta wrote:
How about Google Earth?


The Plus version is $20/year. Gives you the ability to print or save
high res images. The Pro version is $400/year  Has a lot of features.

A lot cheaper than the $9,216 you were quoted. Prob would still be
cheaper to get the images with Google Earth and take them to a printing
company to be printed in large scale format.

Anyone have experience with buying imagery for your area from a satellite imaging company?

I got a quote from one company, but there price at about $48.00 per square kilometers at minimum 192 square kilometers. They don't have current pictures of our area archived.

I'm looking for other options and prices.


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