Yeah, why dont you all look - - the dudes who are sweating are the ones who were actually working :-) You can see Scriv pulling those 3' dishes up and yes, there was a breeze at 200' and you were invited to come along so I don't wanna hear no whining :-)

I do have to hand to you Pigbootysnitch - - You and Scriv were not afraid to "reach & get a hand full" of whatever there was to be done. I think unloading that monster U-haul was more work than anything :-)

Those are some good pics - - by the way ;-0 I have a flikr site up, but I need to pay for the "pro" account :-( to get the rest of them up.

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Rick Harnish wrote:

Well, look at who is sweating?  Scriv or Mac?  I'll tell you what, it was
very hot that day. I think Mac had it made, being up in the breeze at 200'.

Rick Harnish
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