Try bypassing the Linksys Nat router altogether. You will have to assign some addresses from the 192.168.10.x network to the PCs at the far end as opposed to the 192.168.15.x network as it is now. If it works then the trouble is because you are double nat'd. If you have bridges with proxy arp enabled in the loop with two nats I have seen this. If the problem is still there then you have an issue with your SB units. Let me know what you find and I will give you more to play with. I think you will find this is a proxy arp with double NAT problem. Once we know the cause then we can discuss solutions.

Ron Wallace wrote:

To All,

I need help,I have no experience with this LAN type set-up.

I have a customer with a LAN and a wireless link between two buildings. I have mounted a POP on their 90' 'grain stack' at a third building. I come down the 'stack' 75' to an outdoor bridge, Cat5e 65' to my power inserter and a router. To here everything works fine. I can plug my laptop into the router, see my whole WISP net and have Inet Access.

The LAN is running in three buildings. 1.- Office, A 3Com Hub connecting one PC, and a Belkin Access Point used to connect one laptop and a printer with a wireless print server attached. Telco cabling to a second office building 75' away, with one PC. I have added one bridge to the peak of building 3, where my router is, with a 120' cat5e connecting to the bridge. I can see the Belkin access from this bridge, RSSI 90.

I can see the router from the offices, pinging, with the PC and my laptop, but cannot access the net. When I move my laptop to the router, I can access all.

I turned the power on the bridge in building 3 to max and still can ping but no access.

What am I doing wrong? Is this link from the Belkin AP with the attendent cabling just too long? Too much latency for this all to work?

What are your thoughts, maybe I am the problem. How would you configure this network?

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