Frannie, it looks like we may have the Senator contact information covered though I do not know f this contains all the staffer connections we may need to know by name. Frannie, please look over our web resource as stated below and let us know if this suffices or if we need more information. Thanks to all who are helping on this legislative effort for gaining unlicensed use of television channels. It is nice to be doing the work that is the primary goal of our organization. It makes a little of those tough times in setting this up almost worth while! :-)

Rick Harnish wrote:

Brian and others,

Go to the WISPA homepage and select your state from the State Government
Webpages dropdown menu.  From your state webpage, you should be able to find
your Senator and Congressman contact information.  We have tried to make it
convient to get to from the WISPA homepage.


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You listed half of the numbers to contact the congressmen, can you list the rest instead of all of us emailing Frannie? I need Michigan.

John Scrivner wrote:

Replies inline below:

George wrote:

I'm a little confused John.

We are supposed to email Frannie our name business location and she's gonna send the letter?
Or we're supposed to print the letter and sign it and send it ourselves?
Email Frannie with your name/company name, city and state served. Her email address is [EMAIL PROTECTED] <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>. She will add your information to the letter. You do not need to print, sign or send anything other than your information via email. She will do the rest.

And we should call our reps and tell their staff member who takes calls for them why we should have unlicensed tv channels for broadband use.
The staffer for each Senator who is specifically involved in the telecommunications issues is listed in the message I sent you guys. This staffer is who you need to speak with. They will brief the senators on how to vote and will inform them of constituency interests like your calls. This is highly important for our efforts.

Exactly what channels are we talking here?
We are asking for use of any unused channels now. That is what 04-186 is all about. In my local area this accounts for about 300 Mhz of available spectrum! We are also asking for a block of channels (some are saying channels 2 through 4) which will become broadband unlicensed channels for good after the digital television transition is complete in 2008. This will essentially become a WISP band.
I hope that helps,

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