Thanks for everything Frannie. Is there anything else we can do from our end to help drive influence? I guess making those calls to Senate staffers is critical right now. I met with Senator Obama last Saturday about these issues. I hope all the WISPs are making the calls as we have asked. I do not think people understand how critical this issue is to not only the WISP industry but to the overall expansion of broadband opportunity in the entire US.
Thank you,
John Scrivner

Frannie Wellings wrote:

Hey John,
This press release went out today. I'm in a Congressional hearing for a couple 
of hours so call Craig if you need anything.
Best, Frannie

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From: Craig Aaron Comm. Director Date: 10/19/05 12:33 pm
Subj:  Wireless ISPs seek unlicensed spectrum

October 19, 2005

John Scrivner, WISPA, (618) 237-2387
Craig Aaron, Free Press, (202) 265-1490, x25

Wireless ISPs urge Senate to set aside 'unlicensed spectrum'

Local entrepreneurs see chance to use 'public resources to meet public  needs' 
in digital television transition

WASHINGTON -- Nearly 40 Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) from across the 
country delivered a letter today urging members of the Senate Commerce Committee to make 
"unlicensed spectrum" a major priority of any digital television (DTV) 
transition legislation.

As entrepreneurs providing unlicensed wireless services throughout the United 
States, the WISPs encouraged the Committee to approve legislative and 
regulatory policies that will expand the availability of unlicensed spectrum to 
promote affordable broadband access.

The WISPs asked Congress to set aside portions of the broadcast band for unlicensed use 
and to direct the FCC to complete its stalled rulemaking to open unassigned TV channels 
in each market -- known as "white spaces" -- for unlicensed wireless broadband 

"Any legislation that fails to address the spectrum needs of Americans in the 21st century 
fails to serve the public interest," the letter declares. "The DTV transition represents 
an historic opportunity to maximize efficient use of public resources to meet public needs."

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