Hi All,

The FCC is starting up their hurricane team again for Wilma. They have asked WISPA to provide as much contact info for anyone in or near the landfall zones as possible.

If you are in or near the projected path of Wilma please shoot me an OFF LIST message with the current subject line.
Include the following data:
Company name:
Main contact:
Office number:
Main contact cell number:
Complete address:

GPS coordinates:

Assets you have (climbers, extra hardware etc.):

Equipment mainly used (so we can match up those with extra stuff with what you may need):

We'll keep an eye on this storm and if it looks like it's going to hit hard we'll see if we can get people in the nearby areas ready to move in as soon as it's safe.

IF you get hit and need help feel free to contact me directly at this email address, my cell phone (509.988.0260) or my office phone (number below) at any time.

Thanks and good luck!
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