Hi Mac,

   I'm James Gayle's father.  Sent you Paypal donation.  Hope it helps.
Bless you for all the good work you did and still do.

Sean Gayle
JohnnyO's good twin...

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Hey folks,

   I thought I would see if there was anyone left to "maybe" help me out 
with these expenses. I hate to ask for money, but I really need some 
help!! So many of you have been excellent and I (we) appreciate all of 
you so much. We are still plugging away down on the coast installing 
gear and have been without stop since the second day after Katrina hit 
8-29-05.  Jeffery Allen and Don Castella have been at the Helm for the 
last two weeks allowing me to try to catch up on some "WAY PAST DUE" 
contracts here at home as well as network trouble.

 We have enabled thousands to connect to the internet, installed a 
multitude of VoIP phones and rebuilt, cleaned up hundreds and hundreds 
of PCs and notebooks, installed an OS on almost all of them and now I 
have been asked to provide internet access to a whole city Govt in Pass 
Christian before leaving the area. I did take on that responsibility 
once it was explained to me that the satellite people are going to 
charge them $6K for next months service starting on the 1st of next 
month.  The city is broke (and so am I) and has no tax base right now as 
everyone/everything has been washed away. I know that the city will get 
some funds sooner or later, but who knows when?

  I have an 18 wheeler trailer down in Bay St. Louis that has to be 
returned here to Monroe. La and the tractor to pull it will cost me 
another $750.00  to get it home as thats what I paid to get it pulled 
down there. I also have to pay rent on that wagon as it was just donated 
for 1 month and we have been using it for two months. I also have a 
$1600.00 cell phone bill that is going to eat my ass alive!! I also 
bought 4 more Tranzeo TR6000's APs and antennas out of my pocket to 
complete the coverage in BSL and Waveland as well as the Port of 
Bienville where a lot of the people work and the businesses out there 
are yet to have any connectivity until we completed that link. I was 
going to let Hancock County come get me in a helicopter today (as they 
offered)(to keep from spending an additional $200.00 in gasoline) but I 
have too much stuff down there that I need to haul back home in my 
pickup truck.

 I have been trying to "wind" this thing down, but the need is still 
everywhere. The whole city of Pearlington has two (2) working BellSouth 
phones in it that I know of and I will be damned if I will allow that to 
be. If you guys could help me out I will see to it that these people are 
taken care of. I said early on that I would loose my pride and ask for 
help  - - I generally would eat dirt before asking for help, but the 
circumstances are out of my hands and I am just "tapped out" of funds.

 Anyones financial  help would be greatly appreciated - -except for RICK 
HARNISH!! He has already donated GREATLY and I appreciate you Rick. You 
have a heart made out of Gold and a compassion for folks that is bigger 
than you are. I have a PayPal account set up and when this is all over I 
am going to take the time to sit down and put all this into words along 
with personal thanks to all who have kept us going. All the donations of 
gear from manufacturers have made this campaign a success as well and 
Trango Broadband is the biggest single gear donater of all. Pacific 
Wireless has provided 90% of the antennas. They just came up with all 
the gear I needed to heat up the Pass Christian city Govt!

  If any of you take offense at my asking for donations - - - please 
accept my humble apologies, but I can take any crap and wise cracks you 
can dole out - - its about the people down there!!

My paypal account is:                            [EMAIL PROTECTED]
or if you need a tax deductible donation:  www.radioresponse.org

Thanks Guys & God Bless,

Mac Dearman

Maximum Access, LLC.
www.radioresponse.org (Katrina relief efforts)
318-728-8600 - Rayville
318-376-2562 - cell

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