And for some reason his website looks familiar.
Not sure why, but I have a habit of looking at the various websites of the domains sending email to the lists to see what they look like.
Maybe I did that to his before...


John Scrivner wrote:
I went there and did not see a phone number or email link. I guess if he is not subscribed to this list then we are out of luck because I have tried everything I know how to contact him. Thanks for the help anyway guys.

Butch Evans wrote:

On Tue, 25 Oct 2005, John Scrivner wrote:

I had a new membership request for WISPA Principle Membership from
George Vastardis from Lamda Communications. I tried to get him
registered in the WISPA signup server and get this when I send him
an invitation to join: is a possible hit.  Plano, TX..that
sound right?

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