I believe you can get the Rootenna/Senao 2611 unit with hardware to mount it to a mast (no satellite arm) at:


One unit runs 170$, there is a decent discount on larger orders.


ps.  these appear on ebay often also.

Brian Rohrbacher wrote:

Ok.  So a Senao is a CB3 Deluxe or what?

How much is a POE for these CB3's?


Pete Davis. NoDial.net wrote:

All prices from wisp-router.com. You may find better prices elsewhere, but Eje's usually seem to be in line.

2611 CB3 Deluxe = $94.83 (qty 24)
PacWireless Rootenna = RT24-14 = $36.90 (qty 25)
UML (Satellite Arm) = $13.45

A 3 inch piece of Velcro tape holds in in just fine.

They seem to handle 100 degree + days in South Texas without any problem. I don't think I have had any fail due to heat or cold. It got down to the teens last winter.

Pete Davis

Brian Rohrbacher wrote:

Will you list out all the parts and prices of this 200mw CPE? Is this outdoor, POE? It is kind a "build your own"?
What temperatures is this operation in?


George wrote:

Pete Davis. NoDial.net wrote:

I like the features of the Tranzeos, the Smartbridges, etc etc, but at $100 more per CPE, my 200 2611 clients would have cost me $20k more. If anyone can tell me another way to get a 36db POE client for less than $150 PLEASE contact me off list to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I learned that the hard way.

Pete Davis

Well I would say that Teletronics EZ Bridges were good. I have 500 +/- of them.
And they have a 200MW version.
But lately, I've been getting some bad ones in my orders.

The 100mw pcb kit is 100.00 or so and the 200mw is 125.00 or so.

But I would caution buyer beware, since buying the pcb only version and not the full fledges outdoor unit, I've noticed a lot of doa''s and unstable units.

Will be nice when StarVX Lonnie gets his single radio cpe.
I understand it may be in the price range you mentioned.


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