Interference distance with antennas will depend on a lot of factors. Antenna type, radio type, protocol etc. etc. etc.

As a rule, with that much channel separation I'd think that you'd not see interference.

I'm guessing you have something else going on. Have you tried, just for kicks, to move to a closer channel? I've got some sites where there's so much outside interference that my best performance is with all radios on the same channel.

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Paul Hendry wrote:
Hi guys and gals,

 Just seeing if anyone has any advise when mounting more than 1
antenna in the same frequency range on a tower. We have just installed a
5.8GHz 120” vert sector at about 47m. Already on the same side of the tower
@ 42m is a 2 foot vert dish also running 5.8GHz. Both are pointing in
roughly the same direction and there is 4 channels separation between them. I read somewhere on this list that 5 foot separation should be enough but I am seeing major interference. We have a horizontal dish also on this tower
for a critical link so changing the dish to horizontal is not an option.
Also, the tower is full of high frequency dishes and mobile antennas so
there isn’t much chance of moving either antennas to a different height.
Anyone got any ideas??




2 5.8 trangos maybe 3' apart.

And I have added recently 2- 5.3 star-os wrap sectors in between those 2 antennas.

20' away is another proxim 5'3 backhaul.
All pointing to the same area.

Maybe you have a bad pigtail or connection?


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